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Home Indications

Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Meridian Massage Treatment
are most suitable and effective for people with common
physical complaints which are often medically unexplained.

Your complaints may be a sign of a functional change the
body has been experiencing.

The sign can be sent before the body has a serious condition,
when no abnormality is detected in the clinical examination.

It has been said that treating your body at an early stage
is crucial to maintain good health.

Our treatment rarely causes side effects often seen in all
sorts of medications. It is more natural and body-friendly.

Listed below are primary indications for Acupuncture,
Shiatsu, and Meridian treatment.

In most cases, patients have several different complaints
and symptoms at the same time.

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HeadacheAFacial pain (neuralgia)AFacial paralysis (diplegia)A
Eye fatigue (strain)ANasal @congestion and runny noseAAlopeciaADizzinessARinging earsAAsthmaAChest pain (thoracic pain)AStomach pain (abdominal pain)AConstipation and diarrheaAMenstrual disorderADifficulty in urination (dysuria)AImpotenceAShoulder stiffnessAPain in neck, shoulders and armsAShoulder joint painAElbow joint painAArm pain (upper limb pain)ABack and leg pain (lower limb pain)AKnee painAMotor paralysis (palsy, weakeness)AHigh blood pressureALow blood pressure@ADecrease in appetiteAFeverAFlushing and chillAEdemaAInsomniaAFatigue and malaiseASkin rash
, Etc.

Outlined conditions or diseases below are not suitable for our treatment:
Acute diseases (acute febrile diseases, acute infectious diseases ),
Malignant tumor (cancer, sarcoma), acute@poisoning ( snake toxin,
insect venom), acute inflammation (peritonitis, appendicitis), hemorrhagic disease (coughing,@vomiting of blood, right after brain bleeding), external injury (wound area, right after fractures or@dislocation of the bones), severe internal disorders (valvular disease of heart, nephritis=kidney inflammation) etc

Classification Indications chief complaints
P Headache muscle contraction headache (tension headache) Light heaviness centering back part
of head or forehead, accompanied by
nausea, dizziness, and stiff neck or shoulders.
migraine headache chronic throbbing pulse headache on
one side, involving with nausea, vomiting,
and stiff shoulders. Stress and fatigue
can be a trigger.
Q Facial pain (neuralgia) idiopathic trigeminal neuralgia Characterized by sudden sharp pain around
eyes, center of jaws.
This needle-like pain may last from several
seconds to several minutes.
atypical facial neuralgia Dull, achy pain only on one side of face
in broad area. May experience flushing,
eye congestion, or frequent watery eye
or runny nose.
R Facial paralysis (diplegia) Bell palsy Unable to wrinkle up forehead, or close
the eyes, lips. When they force to close
eyes, eye balls tend to roll up upwards.
Difficulty in blowing whistles due to no
control over facial muscles.
S Eye fatigue (strain) eye strain due to decrease in eye accommodation Start to have blurred vision as their eyes
get tired. May experience pain in the eyes,
or start to feel sick.
T Nasal congestion and runny nose Nasal irritation (hypersensitivity) Nasal congestion after frequent sneezing
and continuous runny nose.
U Alopecia alopecia areata Sudden hair loss in scalp, 2-3 centimeters
in diameter
V Dizziness vertigo Dizziness accompanied by floating sensation,
or darkness of vision. Pt may also have stiff
shoulders, headache, eye strain, or menopausal
W Ringing ears tinnitus without hearing loss Ringing in the ears without difficulty in hearing
X Asthma bronchitic asthma Difficulty in breathing due to asthma attack.
The attack frequently occur from midnight
to early morning.
Exhaling is harder than inhaling.
Viscose sputum is present.
PO Chest pain (thoracic pain) idiopathic intercostals neuralgia In most cases, sudden pain in left center part
of ribs is seen.
The pain can be aggravated just by breathing
or speaking.
PP Stomach pain (abdominal pain) chronic gastritis, gastroptosis, gastric neurosis Continuous dull pain in the pit of the stomach,
latulence, or decrease in appetite are seen.
colelithiasis (gallstones) Dull pain in right rib area.
PQ Constipation and diarrhea chronic constipation Without or very light stomach pain with very
little urge to have a bowel movement.
Constipation last for a long period of time,
with thick stool.
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Alternation of constipation and diarrhea with
pain in lower left abdomen. Some experience
headache, malaise, or bloating feeling.
PR Menstrual disorder premenstrual tension May experience various symptoms such as
nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness, bloating
in lower abdomen before menstruation
dysmenorrhea Spasmodic pain in lower abdomen diffuse in the
area of back or thigh may feel psychological
stress or upset stomach during menstruation
PS Difficulty in urination (dysuria) chronic prostatitis, chronic cystitis Difficulty, pain, or frequent urination.
Discomfort after urination, perineal pain,
discomfort, or heaviness can be seen.
May also have headache or malaise.
PT Impotence pychosomatic impotence No abnormality in lab tests, attributable to
physical or psychological stress
PU Shoulder stiffness stiff shoulders due to physiological or psychological fatigue Pain, tightness, or discomfort from neck to
shoulders to back. May have heaviness,
stiffness, or tense feeling or abnormal
sensation such as malaise, numbness, cold feeling.
PV Pain in neck, shoulders and arms twisted neck Unable to rotate the neck in the morning
after getting up. Painful when move the neck.
cervical spondylosis Strong pain and stiffness in neck or shoulders.
Diffused pain or numbness in hand fingers
along a line in arms.
PW Shoulder joint pain frozen shoulders (due to age) Happens around the age of 50.
Due to pain, unable to lift up arms from a
certain level.
Unable to bind onefs hair at the back.
Painful only by touching. In the early stage,
may experience spontaneous or nocturnal pain.
motor shoulder joint pain Overuse of shoulders by playing baseball.
Pain gets worse by playing catch-ball.
PX Elbow joint pain motor elbow joint pain Pain in elbows when they play hit a tennis
ball in forehand or backhand stroke.
QO Arm pain (upper limb pain) thoracic outlet syndrome Pain, coldness, numbness, weakness, malaise
in arms.
Pain increases when arms are lifted up
QP Back and leg pain (lower limb pain)
strained back Sharp back pain when twisted or lifted things
from half-sitting position.
Painful after the incidence.
myofascial backpain Tenderness or tense muscle in particular
place in waist area, painful when leaning forward.
articular processes backpain Lower back pain. Painful when twisting or
leaning backward.
spondylitis deformans Non-specific lower back problems such as
heaviness, feeling of weakness
sciatic neuralgia Non-specific lower back problems such as
heaviness, feeling of weakness
QQ Knee pain osteoarthritis Knee pain when walking, sitting on onefs
heels, walking up the stairs, or standing up.
bursitis Pain in kneecap area during exercise.
Swelling or tenderness around the knee area.
motor knee arthritis Due to overuse of knees by playing basketball,
volleyball, or marathon etc. pain centering l
ower kneecap.
QR Motor paralysis(palsy, weakness) cerebrovascular accident(CVA) sequela (one-sided paralysis) Shrinking of flexor muscle on one side.
Sequela due to paralysis of flexor muscle.
peripheral nerve paralysis No strength to control hands under wrist
(radius nerve paralysis)
Due to adduction of the thumb, canft meet
thumb and little finger.
(median nerve paralysis)
Can not open or close fingers
(ulnar nerve paralysis)
Immobility of the ankles.
Feet hanging down from ankles.
(fibula nerve paralysis=calf bone)
Immobility of the ankles.
Feet lifted up from ankles.
(tibial nerve paralysis=shin bone)
QS High blood pressure essential hypertension (over 140/90) Starting with stiff shoulders, ringing ears,
or palpitation and shortness of breath
or nocturia.
QT Low blood pressure
essential hypotension (under 110-100/70-60) Stiff shoulders, fatigue, head heaviness,
ringing ears, dizziness, stomach discomfort,
decrease in appetite, and constipation.
QU Decrease in appetite
chronic gastritis, gastric neurosis Tense and hard back and waist area, or
powerlessness and tense feeling in the
area of pit of the stomach (epigastrium)
QV Fever common cold, chronic tonsillitis Tend to have frequent fever with swollen throat.
QW Flushing and chill menopausal disorders Flushing in face, having cold legs, waist and
leg around menopausal age.
poor circulation Feeling cold in legs, waist to back area.
Gaining good blood circulation maybe
effective to improve infertility.
QX Edema swelling due to decrease in circulatory system or urinary function Swelling in hands, face, and legs.
RO Insomnia temporal insomnia Unable to go to sleep due to change in
lifestyle or temporal mental stress
RP Fatigue and malaise physiological fatigue, malaise Symptoms of stiff shoulders, fatigue,
and low-energy.
RQ Skin rash allergic urticaria Triggered by cold or hot stimulations,
itchiness and swelling occur all over the body.
Non-sever atopic dermatitis is also
listed as an indication.

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